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  • Regular shapes – ellipse, rectangle, circle and square
  • Custom sizes
  • Different print substrates
  • Adhesive type options
  • Up to 4 label designs in one run

Short production time

For most orders, the production time takes 3 to 5 business days.

  • Professional approach
  • Proven over time workflow process
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • All needed materials available in stock
  • Over 20-years of experience in doming stickers production
Short production time
doming stickers - UV resistant and waterproof

UV resistant and waterproof

The transparent clear doming resin we work over years is designed for professional production of domed labels, stickers, decals and tags. Its key properties are:

  • Exceptional UV resistance – not yellowing over time
  • Water-resistance / waterproof /
  • Break- and scratch-resistance
  • Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use

Because of all that, our doming stickers cover a wide range of quality requirements and allow many application areas.

High quality Digitally printed

Our Doming stickers are made with regard to the details. This approach is applied to every stage of manufacturing process, including printing.

  • Advanced PDF workflow
  • Prints with predictable results
  • Control and calibration of printing systems on regular basis
  • Environmental control – temperature, humidity and cleanliness
  • Quality consumables
  • Skilled operators with many years of experience
Prints with predictable results
Regulation compliance

Regulation compliance

Doming resin, we work with is mercury-free and contains no heavy metals and phthalates. It covers the requirements of the following European Directives and international standards:

  • EC Regulation 2017/852 – Mercury Free
  • RоHS Directive 2011/65/ЕС
  • REACH EC Regulation 1907/2006
  • ELV Directive 2000/53/ЕС
  • CE Directive 88/378/EЕС

Bearing in mind the above, we ensure that our doming stickers are convenient for applications that require compliance with demanding environmental manufacturing regulations.

Doming stickers – key benefits

3D stickers are a perfect marketing tool for companies seeking for a professional-looking labels that grab attention and adds value to their products. Doming stickers have a high-quality look, because of the crystal clear dome, that gives a new dimension to any simple, two-dimensional label. Without a doubt, these eye-catching domed labels enhance the look of any product and make every company logo stand out.

Due to the lens-like effect of the transparent coating, doming sticker makes colours look bright and prints become vibrant. Every logo branded with doming sticker is impressive and easy to remember.

In addition to luxury vision, doming stickers have an extremely tactile feel. With their jewel-like luster and clarity, they seduce to be touched. None of the other printed label can do this.

The next benefit is the long-lasting durability, that doming stickers offer. This is because the transparent dome on top of the label is more than just a tool to create a 3-dimensional effect. It is actually an overcoat, that protects the colours and designs of the printed labels, so they remain generally intact and as good as the day they were domed. This also means that your domes will remain eye-catching and look great for years.

All these advantages make doming stickers a preferred tool to put emphasis to any brand or logo and this way to engage customers attention to a product or an event.

Application area

Because of their attractive appearance, domed stickers are a popular and used way of branding products. They are also known as doming stickers, three-dimensional, 3D stickers, logo drops, logos, epoxy stickers, domed labels etc.

During the years in the past, doming technology was used for branding in industries such as automotive, household appliances, sports equipment, etc….

Nowadays, doming stickers can be seen used in increasingly different ways such as point-of-sale displays, electronics, and even textiles and high fashion.

To emphasize their corporate identity, many companies apply domed labels onto a range of products such as letterheads, business cards, consumer packaging, book covers, greeting cards, etc…

Domed stickers can also be applied to electronic key pads, license plates, directional signs, house numbers, business signage, buttons on household appliances, retail gift cards, jewelry, clothes hangers and more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

It’s thanks to the designer’s imagination, that the areas of application become more and more diverse. The wide application of doming stickers turned them from a clear, protective, 3-dimensional lens into an effective marketing tool to attract and hold customers interest.

free sample pack

Free sample pack

Experience the quality of our doming stickers by ordering a free sample pack. You will be able to really look over, touch and appreciate how tactile and smooth is the dome coating, how precise and aligned is the printing, how strong is the adhesive.

The sample pack includes a few kinds of doming stickers – digitally and screen-printed, regular and complex shaped as well as printed on different types of substrates.

If you are interested in a specific size, shape, substrate or adhesive, please let us know in order to add more samples like desired ones.

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