Doming stickers are also referred to as Domed Labels, 3D Stickers, Gel Dome Stickers, Domed Decals, Resin Domes etc. are made by applying clear doming resin on top of pressure sensitive labels. The doming process passes through three stages:

  1. Labels are printed using digital print process or screen-printing.
  2. Precisely kiss cutting and waste removal.
  3. Applying two component, mercury free, transparent polyurethane resin.

The result is a crystal-clear and flexible dome, encapsulating the printed image inside.

Any regular shapes like circle, ellipse, rectangle and square can be domed. Not every irregular geometric forms can be domed. When designing the shape of labels, avoid sharp outer and inner corners of the cut contour line applying radius of roundness at minimum 2,5 mm.

We recommend as minimum size – 10 mm X 10 mm. However, the printed images must be visible. As maximum size – 300 mm X 400 mm.

The thickness of the dome is controlled between 1,5 mm. and 2 mm.

For digital printed doming stickers – 100 pcs.
For screen printed doming stickers – 1000 pcs.
For complex-shaped doming stickers and doming letterings – 100 pcs.

In most cases, labels are printed on digital print press, CMYK-colour . We are able to offer a quality screen print, too.

Yes. The real spot colours defined by Pantone scale can be printed using screen print method. You may request a quote for screen printed doming stickers here.

We can offer doming stickers with three adhesive grades:
Standard Permanent
High tack Permanent
3M High Performance
For more information – Choosing adhesive

Yes. Doming resin, we work for years, is premium-quality automotive-grade UV-resistant for 5 – 7 years at outdoor medium-term conditions.

Yes. Doming resin is in compliance with EU Regulation 2017/852 on mercury.

Custom domed stickers are supplied in 200 mm x 300 mm sheet formats, packed in plastic bags and with quality control check. The number of stickers on each sheet depends on the size of stickers. The sheets size may vary depending on the size of stickers and the quantity ordered.

Doming stickers can be stored at room temperature / 20-22° C/, at average humidity of 50%, in original packaging at least for two years.