Applying Doming Stickers

How to apply troubleless doming stickers ?
In most cases, you receive your domed labels on 200×300 mm sheets, with the adhesive side laid down to siliconised paper liner. Installing a decal onto a chosen surface is not simply peel and stick. For troubleless applying doming stickers, there are a couple of general rules to follow:

  1. For best results, the doming stickers installation should be done in moderate temperature –
    not less than 18°C and not higher than 30°C.
  2. Before applying, doming stickers must stand in room temperature /20-22°C / for some hours.
  3. Take the time to choose the perfect spot, so you can avoid removing or repositioning of the label.
  4. Whatever kind of surface you’re putting your domed stickers on, it’s important to clean it thoroughly beforehand. The surface should be free of any contaminants as dust, oil, wax, silicones, moisture etc… The perfect cleaner is isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, lets the surface to dry completely.
  5. Then remove the sticker from the original sheet without touching the back adhesive side.
  6. Carefully position the sticker in the desired location. If the doming label is small-sized you can put it at once. But when the stickers are big-sized, then begin the bonding from one corner or side and keep applying in rolling manner. This way will prevent air bubbles between doming sticker and mounting surface, which may cause lower adhesion power.
  7. Apply pressure on all areas of doming sticker with particular attention to the edges. The pressure will maximise the process of bonding between domed label and application surface. Take into consideration, that the full adhesion occurs after 24-72 hours from the start point of application, depending on the chosen type of adhesive.

Following these guidelines your doming stickers will stay onto the surface they are intended to be on for as long as possible.
Domed stickers can be stored for future use at room temperature / 20-22°C /, at average humidity of 50% and in original packaging.

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