Colour Accuracy

Colour management is of the great importance for the result of printing process. We work to minimise colour variation by calibrating all our devices included in printing processes, by training our staff and by using the latest technology. Our colour management system and workflow allow us to achieve accurate colour reproduction and repeatable print runs with consistent quality to cover huge range of customer requirements.

Speaking of colour accuracy, it’s important to pay attention to two effects, which happen when the printed sticker is covered by clear polyurethane resin.

The first one is the slightly lightening of colours. In most cases, the images become vivid and rich in colour after doming. In the others, the prints take on a somewhat lighter colour. The real vision becomes visible only after doming resin is applied. The good news is that the difference is barely noticeable.

Slightly lightening of colours after applying clear PU doming resin
Slightly lightening of colours after clear PU doming resin is applied

The second one is the shade, that forms around some of the colours. As a rule, the red colour on a white background gives a “pinkish glow” to the white. Contrariwise, the blue makes the white background looks “cooler”. One of the tips to avoid this effect is to replace the white substrate with a silver glossy one or to colour the background in grey.

“Glow” effect at doming stickers
“Colouring” effect

Both phenomena can be explained with the optical effect of dome shape. The clear polyurethane dome bends the light and acts like a lens over the image. The results may appear both – enhance and distort parts of the image.

However, there are printing projects getting the exact shade of colour that was chosen is imperative, and even a small variation can make a big problem.

If this is your case, we strongly recommend ordering a physical proof sample.

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