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    Full colour, High resolution Digitally Printed Doming stickers. Perfect for product branding!

    • UV resistant and waterproof.
    • Break and scratch-resistance.
    • Strong adhesion.
    • Mercury-free PU Resin – contains no heavy metals and phthalates.
    • Convenient for applications that require compliance with demanding environmental manufacturing regulations.
    • Short production time – 3 to 5 business days.

    Top Coating
  • Two component Polyurethane - Mercury Free
  • High Gloss Finish
  • UV-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Soft

  • Hardness:70-80 Shore D0 @ 2 mm. thick
    Thickness:Controlled – From 1,5 mm. to 2 mm.
    Method:Digital Print Press – Dry Toner (UV-resistant)
    Reference CS:Fogra 39
    Screening resolution:175 lpi @2400 dpi
    Print Substrates
    Strong, dimensionally stable PET film with outstanding chemical resistance
    Opacity: >96%
    Thickness: 65 microns
    Silver - glossy
    Strong, dimensionally stable PET film with outstanding chemical resistance
    Thickness: 70 microns
    AdhesiveChoosing Adhesive - Read More
    Standard Permanent Adhesive
    Adhesion - FINAT TM 2 on stainless steel:
    >12,5 N/25 mm after 24 hr at 23° C
    Thickness - 35 microns.
    3M High Performance Adhesive 200MP
    Thickness - 60 or 130 microns.
    Adhesion - FINAT TM 2 on stainless steel:
    60 microns - 25 N/25 mm after 72 hr at 23° C
    130 microns - 30 N/25 mm after 72 hr at 23° C

    (prices available on request)
    UV rays:Automotive-grade UV-resistant for 5 - 7 years at outdoor medium-term conditions.
    Temperature:-30° C to + 60° C
    Moisture :Excellent
    Household cleaners :Excellent
  • EC Regulation 2017/852 – Mercury Free
  • RоHS Directive 2011/65/ЕС
  • REACH EC Regulation 1907/2006
  • ELV Directive 2000/53/ЕС
  • CE Directive 88/378/EЕС

    Print Conditions

    File types

    Send your print files in PDF/X-3:2002 standard.

    General requirements for PDF/X-3:2002 files for printing:

    • PDF version 1.3
    • Set up transparency flattening so that texts and vectors are not converted to raster data.

    Colour mode and profile

    • Use CMYK colour space in the design process.
    • Profile- ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
    • The color profile must be configured as an output intent in the PDF file.

    Resolution of embedded bitmaps

    • 300 ppi
    • CMYK color space – ISO Coated v2(ECI)

    Fonts and outlines.

    • Positive lines (dark lines on bright backgrounds) minimum width 0.25 points (0.09mm)
    • Negative lines (light lines on dark backgrounds) minimum width 0.5 points (0.18mm)
    • Fonts should be converted into outlines. The minimum font size is 6 pt (2.1mm)

    Margin and Bleed

    • Create a file in 1:1 scale with a 2 mm bleed on each side.
    • Safety margin 3 mm.

    Corner radius

    Recommended corner radius is min 2.5 mm.

    Ink Coverage

    Total ink coverage is between 10% and 280%


    We recommend that black and grey objects such as text and lines are created using pure black.

    Deep black

    Larger regions of black ink can be created by adding in another colour component.
    For instance: Cyan 40%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 100%.

    Colour accuracy – Read More

    If You need assistance to prepare your Artwork files, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help.

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